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Roots & Culture

Immerse your spirit in what is truly Jamaican…

– Experience the beat of Jamaica – participate in traditional Nyabinghi drum circles
– Visit the top reggae artists and studios in Jamaica
– Enjoy the traditional foods of Jamaica – akee, jerk chicken, sour sop, tropical fruits, fresh Jamaican fish, and Ital (vegetarian) foods, many of which are organic
– Travel with Jamaican Rastafarian teachers and healers, and melt into the pulse of their simple lifestyle
– Evening feasts and fire ceremonies under the moon lit Caribbean sky
– Beachtime fun and frolic

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Botanical Medicine

Open your mind to new knowledge of healing with herbs…

– Meet Bush doctors, Shaman, Blue Mountain farmers, Maroon medicine people, and university-trained ethnobotanists – our guides in learning about Jamaican herbal medicine
– Visit herb farms, Castleton Botanical Gardens, University of West Indies, and see native plant species in their rainforest habitat
– Gather wild herbs, roots, and foods to prepare culinary feasts
– Make salves, extracts, tinctures, and Jamaican roots to carry home with you





Natural & Rainforest Excursions
Feel your body relax in the beauty of the rainforest…

– Hike deep into tropical rainforests and discover the magic of the plant and animal species
– Bathe under majestic waterfalls, unknown to the outside world amidst the tropical beauty of the rainforest
– Soothe your muscles and elevate your spirits in tropical hot springs
– Enjoy yoga and meditation at sunrise and receive diagnostic and herbal consults with naturopathic and medical experts
– Explore Black Sand Beaches and hiking along the stunning beauty of the north coast of Jamaica
– Explore the coral reef and learn how to fish “Jamaican stylee”
– Sacred excursion to Blue Mountain National Forest and Peak (ten-day trip only)