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Dr. Eugene Zampieron, ND, also known as Dr. Z, is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, licensed by the board of Naturopathic Medical Examiners in Connecticut as a Naturopathic Physician. Dr. Z is an authority in Naturopathic Medicine, nationally recognized for his radio programs on Health and Alternative Medicine, his best-selling books, his international “EcoTours for Cures ™”, his lectures and his seminars.

Ellen J. Kamhi, Phd, RN – The Natural Nurse

Ellen Kamhi, Ph.D., RN, “The Natural Nurse” has been involved in the medicinal use of herbs for thirty years.Dr Z’s Partner in Natural Alternatives Health Education and Multimedia Network, Co-Author of “The Natural Medicine Chest” and “Arthritis – Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide” books.
Natural Alternatives – PO Box 525 Oyster Bay -NY 11771 – Phone (800) 829-0918

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Fridays 6-7pm Stony Brook University, Stony Brook NY –

NEW!! You can hear Dr. Z and Dr. Ellen Kamhi’s radioshows online on the Progressive Radio Network site. Just click on “Meet our Hosts”, and then on “Ellen Kamhi and Dr. Z”