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Dr. Eugene R. Zampieron, ND, also known as Dr. Z, is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and is certified and licensed by the Board of Naturopathic Medical Examiners in Connecticut as a naturopathic medical physician.

He practices in Middlebury and Woodbury, CT with an emphasis in clinical ecology, environmental medicine, and chemical sensitivity & detoxification; he also is an authority on the successful management of autoimmune and inflammatory disease with Naturopathic and “Global” (Natural Medicine & Healing Systems worldwide) therapeutics.

While studying in Jamaica, WI and becoming ill, Dr. Zampieron was healed by a Jamaican “Bush” Doctor/Traditional Herbalist. Now fascinated by herbal and shamanistic healing, the ethnobotany of the Caribbean, and medical anthropology, Dr. Zampieron attended Bastyr University of Natural Health Sciences in Seattle, WA, a residential medical program.



After 4 years of medical schooling and internship, he received his Doctorate Degree in naturopathic medicine with honors. Naturopathic medical physicians are the only physicians in the healing arts who study medical botany, pharmacognosy, and clinical phytotherapy.

Dr. Zampieron is Master Herbalist and Professional Member of the American Herbalist Guild. He is an expert in the biochemistry and pharmacognosy of plant based medicine from around the globe, as well as clinical phytotherapeutics. Dr. Z currently leads exciting natural medicine walking tours through Chinatown, New York City, and teaches seminars on plant identification and wildcrafting herbs of the North East. He has taught botanical medicine seminars at the prestigious New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, New York.

Dr. “Z”, as he is known by his listeners, also co-hosts and produces several nationally syndicated talk radio programs on health and alternative medicine, which airs on 100+ stations across the United States, including “The Natural Medicine Chest”™ and “Natural Alternatives Health Radio Network”. He also produces local TV programs and radio throughout Long Island and in Connecticut on WPKN 89.5. His program is broadcasted over the Internet through

Dr. Zampieron is a professional speaker and writer and teaches with an encyclopedic knowledge of natural medicine. Dr. Z has taught hundreds of lectures, seminars and workshops on holistic health and botanical medicine to lay people, physicians, American Herbalist Guide conference, botanists, hospitals, associations, support groups and major conferences in the natural foods industries. In addition to authoring many articles in both the lay and professional setting, he is currently authoring several booklets on various issues in holistic health. His major books are, “ARTHRITIS: The Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide” ( books), and “The Natural Medicine Chest”, co-authored with Dr. Ellen Kamhi, The Natural Nurse.

Drs. Zampieron and Kamhi have developed an international line of herbal medicines used for Arthritis called The ArthroNutrition Program, manufactured by Nature’s Answer. He likewise is C.E.O. of “EcoTours for Cures”™, and leads adventure groups and travel excursions into the Blue Mountain National rainforests of Jamaica, WI. He lives with his wife Kathleen, daughter Caitlin, and son Kevin on a 9-acre farm and woodlands preserve in historic Litchfield County, Connecticut.

Robins Bay

Robins Bay

Dr. Ellen J. Kamhi, Ph.D. attended Cornell and Rutgers Universities and hold degrees in nursing, teaching and public health education. Since 1969, Dr. Kamhi’s quest for knowledge about natural healing modalities has lead her on extensive travel to Spain, France, Portugal, England, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and across the United States.

She is considered an authority on natural healing, darkfield microscopy and indigenous medicines. Her research on longevity resulted in a two year apprentice in Mexico, where she was immersed in the study of ethnobotany of the Mexican Indians and other indigenous cultures. Combining her knowledge of herbology and teaching, she pioneered a program at Cochise College in Arizona based on desert ecology and the therapeutic use of local flora.

Dr. Kamhi holds certification in reflexology, bach flower remedies, herbology and darkfield microscopic technology.

Her research in the field of “quantum physics” and frontiers of the mind/body connection has established her as an authority on bioenergetic medicine and complimentary medicine.

She is a frequent lecturer at various professional organizations in the U.S. and abroad, and is a member of the International Society for Subtle Energy Medicine, the United States Psychotronics Association (a group researching the link between physics and metaphysics), the American Holistic Nursing Association and is a Professional Member of the American Herbalist Guild.

Dr. Kamhi co-hosts the nationally syndicated weekly radio program, “Natural Alternatives” and “The Natural Medicine Chest”, which can be heard over the Internet through Each week Dr. Kamhi and Dr. Zampieron, along with listeners across the nation, explore some of the most fascinating issues surrounding natural medicine and progressive health care. She is also seen regularly on several TV series, including “The Natural Nurse”, “Healthy by Choice”, and “Sustainable Living”. Her latest book (co-authored with Dr. Z), “The Natural Medicine Chest”, is now available nationwide.

Read more about Dr. Kamhi and her fascinating work at The Natural Nurse site


Jamba, whose English name is Lloyd Scott, is a Maroon elder, medicine man, Shaman, herbalist, farmer, and master carver who lives in rural St. Mary Parish, Jamaica.

Jamba is a wise sage in the ancient and mystical ways of Rastafari and the Maroons, who were the descendents of rebellious slaves who escaped their white masters and set up African communities in the inpenetrable highlands of Jamaica.

Jamba is our master of ceremonies, our guide, teacher, & leader during the EcoTours for Cures excursions throughout Jamaica. Jamba is extremely knowledgable in the ethnobotany, culture, folklore, and spiritualities of Jamaica.

Dr. Zampieron, Kibret, and Dr. Kamhi have been apprenticing with this remarkable medicine man for over twenty years.


Kibret Neguse has lived and travelled extensively in Jamaica, WI. His interest in marine sciences brought him to this Caribbean island in 1981, where he discovered not only beautiful and exciting underwater life, but a virtual paradise of flora and fauna, and a friendly and diverse culture among the people of Jamaica.

It was Jamba, a Maroon shaman, who invited Kibret back time and again where they travelled to the most remote regions of Jamaica, learning about the natural resources and the cultural aspects of this fascinating country. The reggae music of Jamaica captured his heart and soul, and for 15 years he has been an avid collector, musician, and producer, as well as a radio host of two reggae music programs on WUSB 90.1 FM in Stony Brook, NY.

His latest accomplishment was to surpass his own record of hosting the world’s first 4 Day Reggae Marathon on the radio, this time going non-stop for SEVEN days of uninterrupted reggae music that was also simulcasted live on the World Wide Web.

The introduction of this Internet technology has enabled listeners to tune in to Kibret twice each week where he also gets interactive feedback on his Clappers reggae website, the only reggae website with an active conference board and chat rooms.

Kibret is married and has three children. His wife is from the same region of Jamaica where the ecotour travels, the town of Castleton in the St. Mary Parish, site of one of the national botanical gardens. His knowledge of Rastafari culture and reggae music provides an interesting and important aspect to the ecotour, and his relationship with Jamaica’s top reggae music artists allows him to take groups on the ecotour to visit recording studios where reggae’s top songs are created. He is also one of the drumming instructors in Nyabinghi, a sacred Rasta style of chanting and drumming, which is always a highlight of the Ecotour.